T&C Fitness Club is more than a gym...

It’s an initiative rooted deeply in the belief that community & strength starts with its health.

Our mission is focused not only on physical fitness but also on addressing often overlooked aspects of community well-being. This includes mentoring, women empowerment, offering a safe haven for youth, and providing a dynamic space for community events.

Meet the CEOs, Mr & Mrs. Coe!

Cornelius Coe... born and raised in the Austin community while attending Nash Elementary School and Taft High School. He received multiple sports star football scholarships to Northern Michigan University and received his Bachelors degree in mass communication /minor psychology. His career consists of six years in professional arena football, work in the Austin community for 8 years as the Director of a community center and Mentor. While working in both titles Cornelius has been instrumental in organizing basketball camps, afterschool programs, summer camps and mentoring young men and women. He's passionate about providing a safe haven for the youth in the community. Cornelius has a great relationship with those who reside in the community which allows him to stay connected and meet the needs of the community. Cornelius will bring a wealth of experience in serving the community.

Katrina Coe... born and raised in the Austin Community (Pine & Race) while attending Duke Ellington Elementary School and Westinghouse High School. She also attended Triton College. In 2010, Katrina became overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. She decided to take control of her life by exercising and eating healthy. Katrina’s commitment to becoming healthier and fit lead to so many people being motivated by her fitness journey.  Katrina became very passionate about helping and motivating others. She started training clients at Amundsen and lil Jack Park, and even traveled by CTA to clients houses. In 2014, Katrina started a movement and brand that would soon be known as TWT (Train with Trina). In 2016, Katrina received her a Certification in fitness and nutrition.  Shortly after Katrina began hosting training programs at the Austin YMCA , Katrina has impacted thousands of women and men in the community and worldwide to become the best version of themselves physically and mentally. TWT is now the largest movement in Chicago. 

In 2021, Cornelius & Katrina Coe decided to combine both programs TWT and Pure Athlete. 

In opening T&C Fitness Club, our goal is to create more health and nutrition awareness, especially in a community where there is an un tapped attention to the need. We will be the voice for a healthier lifestyle and guide for those who walk through our doors. T&C Fitness Club is designed with the community in mind. We expect to serve over 300 daily. T&C Fitness Club will not only cater to those who has fitness needs but will also provide the following services: Mentoring, Women Empowerment, Safe haven for youth and community event space.

T&C Fitness Club Services include:

- Full Basketball Court

- Community Room

- Turf Rental

- Weight Room

- C2 Smoothie Bar

- Pure Athlete, NFP Youth Program